Housing is Health Initiative Sees Tangible Results

Just over two years ago, Legacy Health led a group of six health organizations that launched the Housing is Health initiative. The initiative provided major funding to Central City Concern for three developments providing affordable housing and related services.  Two of these buildings have now opened with more than 200 units of affordable, low income, or restricted income housing.  Congratulations to our client Legacy Health, whose efforts helped provide much-needed affordable housing in our community!



Projects include:

  • Hazel Heights on SE Stark:  provides 153 units for people exiting transitional housing who have gained employment and seek permanent housing, but still may have barriers.
  • Charlotte B. Rutherford Place on North Interstate Avenue (shown above):  addresses gentrification and displacement in the historic North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods with 51 apartments for longtime or displaced residents with ties to the community
  • East Burnside Housing:  Set to open in 2019, this project will be anchored by a health care clinic and provide affordable housing units