100 Cubic Yards of Boulders…

The Welcome Center at Clackamas Community College took a big step forward Friday with concrete poured for the foundation.  Here are a few current fun facts about the project:

  • The General Contractor has excavated roughly 100 cubic yards in boulders from the project site to date.
  • On Friday, 273 cubic yards of concrete were poured for the building’s foundation.
  • With all the effort spent getting rid of boulders, we have returned an additional 173 cubic yards of hardened material to the site!

The square-foot equivalent of concrete poured is about 2.5 times the size of a tennis court, one-fifth the size of Bill Gates’ house, and one-tenth the size of the White House.  The boulders are significant as well, as can be seen in the photo with inici team member Clare Hansen standing next to just one of them.