Inici Group is proud to deliver high quality services to public and private clients in the healthcare, research, justice, sports, academic, commercial and hospitality sectors.

The spirit of our commitment is based on these principles:

  • Focus – To be the ultimate program, project, and construction management firm clients return to for successful projects.
  • Honesty – Reliability, integrity, and honesty are cornerstones of inici group’s commitment to clients.
  • Accountability – We stand behind our work, accounting for our performance and its final results.
  • Efficiency – We help clients anticipate key issues allowing the project team to thoughtfully consider a full range of options and develop the most appropriate solutions.
  • Value – inici offers economical ideas and creative problem solving from the start of each project to its completion.
  • Instinctive – The inici team anticipates needs and drives the process to a successful project completion.


We serve as leaders in a dynamic industry with the ability to see a project from various perspectives. inici group has learned from experience with complex projects involving multiple stakeholders to lead the development team and support the decisions that are best for the project.

Leadership combined with communication creates an environment where crucial decisions are made in a timely fashion and milestones are exceeded.


The key to hands-on management is a comprehensive understanding of the development process; inici managed projects are managed proactively.

Project owner(s), users, and the community are development partners. This holistic view promotes open communication and ensures the numerous decisions that must be made during a project are handled in a timely and effective manner.

Selection of a great team will result in a great project. At inici group, we build strong relationships and developed a fair and efficient method of selecting and managing the best possible team for each project.


At inici group, sustainability is a core value. We pride ourselves on environmental and financial stewardship, developing sustainable projects that enhance their communities, using precious resources efficiently and maximizing our clients’ investment dollars.