Our Approach

inici group’s overall approach is to maximize leadership, collaboration, and communication for your benefit and the successful completion of a project.  We utilize the latest industry practices and tools, and provide a watchful eye, monitoring critical project elements to keep things on track and hold all parties accountable.  We manage risk aggressively with early problem anticipation, applying our experience and knowledge to watch for potential issues and conflicts and proactively address possible red flags before they become issues.  When an issue does arise that was not foreseen, we offer the knowledge and background needed to make informed decisions and provide multiple solutions that are practical, effective, efficient, creative, and beneficial to you.

Our overall approach includes:
  • Identifying and setting goals and objectives at the project onset, establishing a strong start
  • Developing, managing, and meeting (or exceeding) budget, schedule, and sustainability goals, programming objectives, and quality expectations
  • Leading the team using effective communication, clear objectives, and mutual respect; communicating regularly and efficiently with you, key stakeholders, and the larger project group; facilitating key meetings to keep the project on track and the team functioning effectively
  • Managing procurement to your benefit
  • Assisting in establishing design parameters and construction drawings
  • Maintaining keen attention to detail and quality control, tracking all items, and keeping the project, team, budget, and schedule on track
  • Handling conflict resolution professionally and effectively, providing creative problem solving, with anticipation, analysis, and quick resolution of issues
  • Projecting a culture of mutual respect for all team members and involved parties
  • Working with the team to ask the right questions
  • Focusing on providing the best value in service and satisfaction