In Our Office

inici group, Inc. is committed to having a positive impact on the communities in which we live and serve, from the products we choose and the organizations we support to the steps we take towards sustainability in our office, at home, and on our projects. inici group is Sustainability at Work Silver Certified with the City of Portland.  Aspects of our office sustainability practices include our office recycling program, which goes beyond basic mixed recycling to include batteries, light bulbs, and electronics. We also have reusable dishware, a shared printer, and double-sided printing, and own two (2) company hybrid cars, giving flexibility for team members to bike or ride mass transit while still enabling attendance at key meetings. Employees are also encouraged to carpool to meetings and use mass transit to travel from home to office and to meeting commitments. Our sustainability efforts are also focused on our community and include our efforts to purchase products locally, serve in leadership and volunteer roles in the community, and offer our time and charitable contributions to community nonprofits and organizations helping those in need.

In Our Projects

inici group is a U.S. Green Building Council member, an organization that is committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”), the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.  In addition to our membership in the USGBC, several of our team members are LEED accredited through the USGBC’s training and accreditation program.

Utilizing LEED and other programs including the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Path to Net Zero Program, inici group continually strives to provide sustainable options in our projects.  We’ve been involved in many projects that have received high LEED certification rankings and subsequent recognition for their sustainable programs and efforts. You can learn more about some of our sustainably certified projects by visiting our projects page and selecting “sustainable” as your sort option.