Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Study

Portland, Oregon
Portland'5 Non Profit

inici group provided program management services to assist in the development of a planning and feasibility study completed in 2013. The proposed updates at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall will give the audience and performers a better experience with acoustical, patron, and functionality upgrades. Main Street will be getting an addition as well, potentially connecting the Antoinette Hatfield Hall with the Schnitzer Concert Hall. These updates will change the atmosphere around the concert hall and make it more inviting to the public.

For this project, inici group worked with public-private partnerships, including working closely with the former Portland Center for the Performing Arts (now Portland’5) and with multiple stakeholders, which include the Oregon Symphony, performers, and the public. Upon completion of the study, fundraising began.

In 2018, work began to upgrade the stage shell and acoustics. This work is currently underway.

Project Details

Project Size:

  • 60,000-SF Concert Hall
  • 18,000-SF Main Street Expansion


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Program Management