Integrated Operations Center

Portland Metro Area, Oregon
Confidential Transportation/Utilities

The new Integrated Operations Center (IOC) will be a state-of-the-art, secure, resilient, and modern facility designed to withstand anticipated seismic events and house new operating processes that recognize the importance of distribution system operations, cybersecurity, and transmission system operations. The facility will house a new modern control room that opens up many opportunities to consolidate and/or co-locate departments and functional groups that work closely together to manage the stable and continuous flow of power through the integrated grid. It will provide the infrastructure, network architecture, growth, and capacity to install a new advanced distribution management system and separate Smart Grid management tools. The construction of the new IOC will create the necessary foundation to deliver operational technology initiatives and manage the grid of the future reliably, safely, and efficiently.

Project Details

Project Size:

  • 2 stories
  • 108,000-sf


  • Project Management

Additional Details

Completion Date: est. 2021
Cost: Confidential
Construction Type: CM/GC