Ross Fleet Services Building

Vancouver, Washington
Bonneville Power Administration Government

inici group is advising on CM/GC contracting and facilitating the CM/GC process, completing financial and process audits for CM/GC and providing ongoing on-site observation and guidance to meet CM/GC industry standards for this new 36,000-SF Fleet Services Building (FSB), a secondary 7,500-SF Bronto building, and civil site improvements on 10-acres of the extensive BPA Ross Complex Campus.  The project is a collaborative process between BPA, the CM/GC, the A&E team, and inici group.

The new FSB facility will house fleet administration with (20) class A work stations, a conference room, training room, and break room as well as loan pool space, HMEM’s, (2) D-service bays, (6) standard duty service bays, and (3) light service bays, parts service center, and wash stations.  The project also includes campus organizational improvements including road changes, additional parking, a multi-modal path, ADA accessibility, infrastructure improvements including power and data loops, stormwater management upgrades, and steel yard coordination.  The primary goal of inici’s involvement is to shorten the schedule, enhance cost control, improve risk identification and mitigation, increase the utilization of integrated design and construction techniques, and improve construction conflict identification and management.

Project Details

Project Size:

  • 43,500-SF
  • 2 Buildings
  • Civil Site Improvements


  • Owner's Representation
  • Project Management