Commissioning and Quality Control Services


Ensuring a Building Works as Designed

Over the last decade, inici group has perfected our integrated Whole Building Commissioning approach. Simply put, the commissioning program utilizes project specifications, facilities personnel experience, and our expertise in building systems to ensure the building works as designed.  Our commissioning program goes well beyond just mechanical and electrical verification but verifies systems such as fire alarms, security & access control, lighting control, A/V, and complex integrated building systems.  The inici-developed Whole Building Commissioning program also includes detailed documentation of the closeout process.

We recognize the importance of receiving complete, well-rounded closeout documents. After the building is complete, our program provides easy access and reference to the location of these crucial end-of-project documents.

The key to planning, scheduling, and controlling the project lies in communication.  In Whole Building Commissioning, we set clear expectations of everyone, provide a matrix of tasks with timing, establish responsibilities amongst the team, communicate progress, changes, status, and action, and hold all parties accountable.  The result is a smoothly completed project that works as it should and is a point of pride for all.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality is critical to project success.  Our clients demand it and we have been providing it for 20+ years. The systems we have developed and fine-tuned through this experience are the foundation for new projects we take on today.  We put our 20+ years of quality control experience to work for you to save costs.

We use multiple tools to track, manage, and analyze performance on projects.  These work plan tools and methods ensure projects are efficiently executed based on specific project needs and drivers. Some examples of the performance monitoring tools inici uses include action plans, issue tracking lists, risk management logs, design decision tracking logs, BOD Basis of Design, and risk assessment matrices.  inici can also provide value engineering analyses and recommendations.  These tools assist in not only tracking progress and ensuring that budget and schedule are met but also in maintaining quality.  Our quality assurance and quality control program includes:

  • Identifying potential issues and proactive resolution early on, with informed decisions
  • Monitoring each team’s work to ensure programming requirements are met
  • Holding collaborative sessions with all participants to establish the expected level of quality
  • Holding progress meetings as a forum to review progress, discuss, and resolve concerns
  • Providing comprehensive document review at set milestones
  • Carrying out constructability reviews
  • Holding team members accountable to work, schedule, and budget
  • Providing management and leadership
  • Providing risk and issue tracking logs during each phase to ensure that everything brought up is resolved satisfactorily