Planning and Community Relations

inici provides a thorough but targeted approach to planning and community relations, knowing that a strong and effective community outreach or public involvement program requires leadership, expertise, and the ability to reach your audience where they are.  Via a comprehensive review of client, project, and community interests as well as a thorough review of effective and efficient tools, approaches, and venues, inici establishes programs to involve and communicate with appropriate stakeholders.

Our community involvement and public outreach experience includes employing a variety of strategies, including working with neighborhood associations and building owners, utilizing public and/or neighborhood notices and town halls, offering Q&A times for stakeholders, providing presentations and/or hard hat talks, and presenting a variety of approaches designed to reach target groups in ways that are meaningful and effective.

While each project may apply unique strategies, our general approach includes:
  • Clear management of the process focused on communication
  • A review of all techniques available to communicate, including websites with project information and mailers to the public updating the project process and status
  • Providing updates to the public that are concise and easy to understand
  • Completing monthly dashboard reports defining the project issues, budget, and schedule, and publishing these reports
  • Holding community meetings or open houses that provide opportunities for the public to be informed of the project and ask questions
  • Continual follow-up for the entire project
  • Follow through on all project questions and requests to address all issues