Sustainability Coordination

inici continually strives to provide sustainable ideas and options for all projects in which we are involved.  This can include pursuing green building and sustainable design certification programs such as the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Path to Net Zero Program or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  Specifically, inici has been involved in an extensive number of LEED projects receiving various levels of certification, from silver to platinum.  We’ve also managed projects that incorporated sustainable elements without a specific goal of applying for certification.

Regardless of your sustainability goal, inici’s first objective is to confirm your needs and establish with you a full awareness of the costs of options both in construction and operation.  When coordinating sustainability for development, our project managers keep detailed action lists, schedules, and budgets to ensure that all criteria associated with the identified sustainability goals are met, and appropriate records are kept.  We communicate regularly with you and the team so that all involved are aware of project goals and needs, and we establish accountability early so surprises are minimal, and goals are met.