Transition and Move Management

An often overlooked but critical piece of transition and move management is the planning required to seamlessly occupy new spaces in a well-coordinated and efficient manner.  inici has planned and executed many logistically complicated moves and transitions, the most sensitive of which have included medical patients.  inici’s approach is to work closely with you and your staff, the entire construction team, and equipment vendors in developing a transition plan achievable in a realistic time frame.  Looking at every detail, we develop a thorough move plan that clearly outlines individual roles and responsibilities, move team makeup, move checklists, and a detailed move day schedule.  This level of detail has allowed us to be successful with every move we have completed, with pop-up items addressed within minutes of being identified.  Equipment management and technology system integration are areas that require additional attention to detail.

Equipment Management

The inici team has extensive experience in the detailed coordination of equipment for medical and research facilities, laboratories, control centers, secure facilities, corporate headquarters, and more.  To effectively manage the equipment acquisition and/or installation process, we use custom-built databases and spreadsheets to track selection, ordering, and placement for each piece of equipment.  During the move-in phase, inici uses individual room equipment check-off sheets to verify and track every piece of equipment installed in each room to ensure that everything is addressed as intended.  We also complete commissioning to confirm operations concurrently, and we document cost savings for you.

Technology System Integration

Today’s buildings require the integration of multiple systems and technology to function efficiently and effectively.  Through experience, inici knows that developing a clear plan for the integration of all these elements early on in a project is essential.  If not done properly, unneeded systems will be purchased or improper construction rough-in will take place, expending dollars and time unnecessarily.  Thoughtful discussion and coordination with facilities and support services representatives from the organization are key to ensuring the systems selected will work and meet expectations as well, and we will coordinate this effort with you and the rest of your team as appropriate to ensure all details are discovered and discussed. Once systems are selected, inici manages all aspects of technology system integration, from beginning to end.

With experience that runs deep, inici has handled technology and systems integration for various facilities, the more complicated of which feature expensive and sensitive medical equipment, complex data rooms, and secure control centers, as well as security systems, professional audio-visual systems, and complex campus-wide building management systems.  Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the system, ultimately our job is to ensure that the building operates as intended and systems are integrated correctly for you.